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I am posting again after another extended break. Woke up yesterday with a slight sore throat and lack of energy, which led me to take half a day off. And again this morning I woke up with the same symptoms, only worse. :( Looks like I have a whole day of sitting on my couch sipping clear fluids and watching movies and perhaps a few tv shows.

Wikipedia Search of the Day:

A Clockwork Orange

I watched the movie for the first time last night and found it deeply disturbing, but still entertaining. Wikipedia sometimes offers more comprehensive information than IMDB. But it really depends on if the movie was socially significant and/or celebrated.

damn traffic!

I'm on my usual drive from US-36 to 270 to Quebec and for what seems like the 500th day in a row, there is a FU***NG traffic jam! Seriously, how freaking stupid do you have to be to get in a damn accident???? And then to top it off, going home from work, there was another damn pile up on Quebec because the ambulance needed to park in the middle of the god damn street and block all on coming traffic!!! There was plenty of damn room at the person's house, in the driveway!!!!! Jams are becoming the bane of my existence! Okay time to relax tonight. And this was all sandwhiched between a day of mind-numbing boredom, which I can't believe people call work! All in all, one pretty shitty day. But I'm not bitter.
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sleep is not overated....

just got back from my trip in cleveland. and i know i haven't posted in almost two months, but back to my trip. the lovely city that is cleveland is a complete dump. i never want to move there! plus i only got 4 stinking hours of sleep in two nights at the crappy hampton. the city smells, has terrible parking, and the building we worked in looks like it needs a renovation. thank god i'm home! my own bad. praise the good lord!!!!
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Vinyl has done it again!

Al and I were discussing the possibility of him coming this weekend to see Hernan Cattaneo on Saturday. He asked how much the tickets were so I went to Vinyl's website to check and the date disappeared. We then went to Hernan's website and according to it, he'll be in freaking Canada on the 3rd! Who is to blame, Vinyl or Hernan?? Either way I'm bummed out and pissed off!
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No more caffeine?

I'm slowly getting off the high of drinking 12 sodas a week. For the first time in, shit i'm actually not sure the last time I didn't buy some pop, well anyways it's been forever! I've whittled my intake down to only 2 this week! It's a freaking miracle! Actually it's not, I'm amazed I can still function, perhaps even better without it? Does that make any sense? Next to nicotine I was under the assumption caffeine the next in line of habits to lay off.

Despite ridding my self of pop, I still have my morning coffee every morning. But I think it's more for the taste than anything. I usually feel wide awake in the morning and don't think I need it. I just love the taste of black coffee!
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Holding on to my Job

Turns out that the agency I work for was put on a list for closure today. Naturally I wasn't too thrilled by the news and will most likely have to move to either Indianapolis, Cleveland, or Columbus, none of which sound enticing. The list will be submitted to G.W.B on the 8th of September and he has till the 23rd to accept or reject the entire list which also contains military base closures. If he accepts, Congress has 45 legislative days (not really sure what a legislative day is :-P) to reject the entire list. To make a long story short we are pretty much screwed in Denver.
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sick as a dog.....well kinda

I've got a head cold and sore throat, but no sore muscles, which makes it kinda weird since I usually have all three when I'm sick. It's the first time I've been sick in quite some time. I'm in a lousy mood :(
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car update

Turns out my spare tire has a pressure sensor and it was off by 2psi. Much to my chagrin it was fixed in 10 mi!!!!. Finally, an auto problem easily and cheaply fixed!! Praise JESUS!!!
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toyota owns my soul

I just made my first car payment today and realized that toyota owns me for the 60 payments. Not exactly an ideal situation, giving that I owe over 20k, but I guess that's the price you pay for a new car. Speaking of that, I've had my first glitch, which to me isn't that surprising, since I have the worst luck with cars. Turns out i have a sensor that tells me when my tires have low pressure. Well I checked them out and all have equal psi and i'm thinking, fuck something wrong with the damn fucking sensor. Not exactly costly to any degree, as my warranty will cover it but still more fucking wasted time on cars, which is exactly what I thought i was getting away from buying a new caR!
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one too many?

I'm not much of a drinker usually. Being that I'm allergic to alcohol I don't exactly have a high tolerance. But every once in a while I'll have one of those nights where I can throw back with the best of them! Last night I started at this bar called the Pour House in Denver, as I was joining some co-workers for a little weekend happy hour! Had a two blue moons, and two redstripes (never tried it before, wasn't half bad :), in between I had some beef brisket. We then moved to another bar which I'm not exactly sure what that was called, but I then had two more beers which were of the boddington's variety. mmmmmmmmmmmm. Well altogether six drinks in a span of 4-5 hours, which is a ton for me! Which made the drive home a little scary, but I was never in immediate danger or even close to an accident, but it's definitely something I never want to do again!
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